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Professional media buying & marketing strategy

Websites that not only look good, but are optimally tailored to your audience

We put particular importance to…

A quick implementation of your ideas

Your new website design is created in close consultation with you. Individual adaptation to your corporate design is the focus. For example, images are optimally matched to your event business, from existing e-media or stock images.

A simple & goal-oriented feedback process

Before your website is created on Wordpress, we create an example view of the website with Adobe XD.
You can easily and intuitively pin your feedback to any element.

This saves us time with fewer feedback loops. And create a direct basis for optimal implementation.

These extra features are also already included

We would be happy to expand our individual offer for you:

For a better Google ranking

Initial Google Search Console setup & SEO optimization of your website

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LP media buying icon2.png

For a GDPR compliant website

Integration & Setup of a Cookie Consent Tool

LP media buying icon3.png

For the completeness

Privacy & imprint page are created with & do not count as an extra subpage - you can then insert your content

Kontakt Website

You're not just looking for a tool, but a permanent partner for your marketing?

Contact us!

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